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Valera Hill FG / CG 100 - 300


Valera Hill FG / CG 100 - 300
Hill Slimline Delicatessen Serve-Over Counters

Available with both a flat glass front and a curved glass front, this attractive deli unit is only 800mm deep and so it will fit through most standard doorways.It is also available in 5 different sizes and has the option of  a coloured stripe on the front.

  • Refrigerated under storage
  • Marble rear shelf
  • Intermediate ambient glass shelf
  • Stainless steel deck
  • Digital controller
  • Static cooling, fan cooled condenser refrigeration system

Dimensions (WxDxH)
Hill FG 100 - 1000x800x1220mm
Hill FG 150 - 1500x800x1220mm
Hill FG 200 - 2000x800x1220mm
Hill FG 250 - 2500x800x1220mm
Hill FG 300 - 3000x800x1220mm

Curved Glass units are available in the same sizes but all units are 1240mm high.