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Faema X1 Granditalia


Faema X1 Granditalia
X1 Granditalia

The X1 Granditalia is a range of superautomatic machines of particularly reduced size and with a performance level designed to satisfy average production needs. The elegant design, the latest technology and the quality of the in-the-cup result are in line with the best Faema tradition. There are three main machines in the range, the X1 Caffé, the X1 Auto Steam and the X1 MilkPS.

  • With the MilkPS you can:
    • Create a pressurised flow to obtain a consistent in-the-cup milk dose
    • Customize milk temperature for each selection
    • Deliver milk portions at different temperatures to prepare stratified beverages
    • Place the fridge under the counter
    • Assure ideal hygiene conditions by automatically emptying the milk circuit at the end of each cycle.
  • Auto Steam, a patented temperature-sensing steam wand system, simultaneously delivers steam and air allowing the hands-free heating or frothing of large amount of milk without manual intervention.
  • All machines are equipped with the Smart Boiler, which significantly boosts steam and hot water capacity, thus avoiding production drops even during rush hours. 

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