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Brasilia Cadetta


Brasilia Cadetta
Cadetta Standard Height

This is a great, simple to use machine for any buisness. The Cadetta offers Brasilia's superb build quality along with delicious coffee, making it a great choice for a full range of venues. With a top specification, large boiler and striking design the Cadetta fits comfortably in any environment.
  • Traditional espresso machine with classic polished stainless steel design style with moulded side and back panels
  • Available with either fully automatic delivery sustem that caters for all cup volumes or continious push-button delivery system
  • 1 swivelling steam arm
  • 1 moveable hot water tap for fill teapots or Americanos
  • Cup warmer means drinks stay hot for longer
  • Brew groups can be arranged for use with coffee pods making it ideal for decaffeinated, origion coffees, special blends and ground coffee
  • Boiler water level guage / automatic boiler water level 
  • Rossi brewing system

Dimensions (WxHxD)
2 Group - 710x470x530mm
3 Group - 920x470x530mm